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YouTube Launches New Paid Subscription Channels


YouTube Launches New Paid Subscription Channels

YouTube is full of videos of people playing with their pets or moaning about whatever is bothering them. Despite this, there’s still content worth watching, like iJailbreak’s tweak reviews (I’m sure you’ve watched at least one, if not, please do!) or music videos. But would you pay to watch videos that have been available for free since the creation of YouTube in 2005? YouTube seems to think so.

The video platform just launched a pilot program that will try to help its content partners to obtain more revenue through the creation of paid-subscription channels. Prices will be as little as 1 dollar to gain access to a channel’s content. By paying, you will be able to watch the channel of your choice on your computer or – the best and exciting feature – on your mobile device, say your iPad or your Nexus 10 tablet. However, at the moment it’s not clear that, if by paying, YouTube will stop showing you annoying ads at the beginning of a video.

YouTube Launches New Paid Subscription Channels

YouTube listed on its website the 53 channels that will be part of the pilot, with Sesame Street as the main partner. To subscribe, you will have to log-in on your computer and register. YouTube plans to let mobile users complete the process using a device of their preference.

YouTube didn’t say if it will charge partners a cut to enable paywalls, something that may scare off amateur producers. However, this may be the start of higher quality, exclusive content becoming available on YouTube, e.g. movies or TV shows. Would you pay to watch a channel? Let us know in the comment section below.

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