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YouTube 2.0 Now Available For Download With New Features From Its Android Counterpart


YouTube 2.0 Now Available For Download With New Features From Its Android Counterpart

When a new version of YouTube made way yesterday for Android devices (this was somewhat expected as Google owns the platform), Apple device owners were wondering when their version would be released. However, they didn’t have to wait too long as a new YouTube version for iOS was just released after 24 hours.

The new iOS version of YouTube has a striking resemblance to Google+ for iOS. Apart from having a new icon, the new version also allows users to multitask. There is an option to minimize the video to a small window at the bottom of the display, so users can search for the next video without having to close the video they were viewing initially.

The latest update also brings extended support for Chromecast by Google and other enhanced TV displays. So if you have wanted to see YouTube videos on the big screen, your job has been made easier. It was already possible to take advantage of the big screen through AirPlay, a lot of common iPhone users aren’t aware about AirPlay’s functionality, which is the reason why the extended support is a welcome improvement.

Another feature that’s present in the update is the option to search and view playlists. There’s a ‘play all’ icon button that can be used to view all the videos in the playlist back to back. This button is pretty handy if you’re in the mood to see YouTube videos that you saved in the playlist in a continuous sequence.
Google also made it clear that they’re also going to improve Web HTML5 app as it’s the usual resort where people watch videos.

Here's some screenshots from inside the application:
You can download new YouTube version for iOS from the App Store.

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