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You Can Now Buy A Hollow iPhone 5C From China For About $16


You Can Now Buy A Hollow iPhone 5C From China For About $16

In the past few weeks, a lot of reports and rumored pictures were spreading so quickly on the web claiming that Apple is working on a low cost iPhone that said to be called "iPhone 5C".. We've seen many leaked parts for this rumored low cost device.. But guess what ? You can buy it right now..

Guess the most popular country where you can find such interesting things ? China, the country known as the homeland for cheap Apple knockoffs, and the unreleased iPhone 5C is no exception. Thanks to the wealth of leaked parts that are floating around, you can buy a hollow iPhone 5C right now for 98 Chinese Yuan.
German Apple news blog (Use Google Translate)  had one of its colleagues in China order an “iPhone 5s” from Taobao, the Chinese equivalent of eBay. The unit sells for 98 yuan, which translates to about $16. The box it is delivered in contains only the hollow shell and no accessories.

“The inside is filled with yellow cardboard”

When you first look at this cheap phone, you will probably love it and wish you spend $16 on it.. But the display is actually plastic, not glass. The inside is hollow and filled with yellow cardboard. This is only a (very) partially assembled device like all of the leaks we’ve seen up to this point.

Unlike other leaks, the back shell has a FCC logo, which means that it likely went through some channel of certification before leaving the supply chain. Apple prototypes different product designs all the time, and many of them never see the light of day. But previous part leaks do match up with what you see here.

So would you buy this fake or cheap iPhone for $16 ? 

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