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Xbox 360 Gets Its Official USB Stick


Xbox 360 Gets Its Official USB Stick


Get ready because Microsoft and SanDisk have teamed up to bring their gamers a special Xbox 360 Flash Drive. For $40 dollars, you can get an 8GB USB flash drive, or you can purchase the 16GB USB flash drive for the special price of $70! So whats exciting about these USB Flash Drives except that it has Xbox 360 labeled on it? Well players will receive a one month Xbox Live Gold membership, a previous Xbox 360 update for people that do not have the update to use the USBs, and that Microsoft approves the performance on this USB, unlike many other USBs. It’s so unbelievable!

But if you have any common sense, then you know this is a complete rip off in most situations. Heres some other alternatives you can buy.

SanDisk Cruzer USB flash drive 16GB $26

You can purchase the same brand USB for almost $40 cheaper. Also reviews for the this USB are fairly high, and looks reliable. You can find this online for around $26, and probably cheaper at other sites.

Sony Micro Vault Click USB flash drive – 16 GB $45

A bit more expensive compared to the SanDisk Cruzer, but still looks very reliable and comes from Sony and has received good ratings.

IronKey Secure USB flash drive – 4GB $140

Ok, this one is way over the top expensive, however, this baby is more secure than Apple and their iPhone 4G. Not only is it physically strong, it also has a feature that will self destruct all the data when after the set password is entered incorrectly ten times. No one will be f**king around with your DLCs, game saves, or secret stolen Apple plans anymore with this baby.


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