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Why Has Mobile Gaming Become So Popular?

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Why Has Mobile Gaming Become So Popular?

No longer is gaming a self-indulgent pastime of the unemployed and adolescent teens who would prefer to lock themselves away in their bedrooms and while away their time day and night racking up hours of a gaming marathon in total solitude.

Gaming has come a long way in a surprisingly short space of time both from a technological and social standpoint. In fact in many ways it’s these tech-based breakthroughs within the industry that have actually helped shape the way in which gaming is now perceived.

Gaming has evolved very quickly and the gaming experiences themselves have fast become more impressive, more realistic, and all the more immersive. And in doing so it has attracted a much broader demographic of gamers.

New players who have spent years shying away from gaming due to the complexities of the games and the controls themselves have now found themselves launched into an exciting world of new virtual environments and brilliantly conceived digital realms.

The Nintendo Wii allowed players to pick up a handheld controller and follow the players’ physical motions which would react in realtime on screen.

Now just a few years later Virtual Reality is allowing players the opportunity to quite literally step inside these games and use movement, eye motion and other physical gestures to control the games.

But whilst these more intuitive gaming experiences have allowed new players to come into the gaming fray it’s the mobile market that has truly pushed the boundaries of what we have come to expect from gaming.

Smartphones and mobile-based devices have continued to place themselves firmly in one of the strongest markets on the planet today. Nearly half the planet has one or more of these devices and nearly 70% of the population of the US already own a smartphone.

It’s what makes it such a great platform for gaming developers to use in order to get their latest creations out to a wider reaching audience of potential gamers.

The mobile gaming market has been incredibly useful for independent gaming developers out there and it’s these highly addictive, free-to-play games being produced that has really captured the interest of mobile owners.

Some of the most successful and most downloaded games of all time have started life as a mobile app and with highly popular trends as well as appealing business models, which even other long-established gaming platforms are adopting, the mobile market has become a leading figure in the gaming industry.

It may be great news for manufacturers and even better news for developers but it’s the players themselves who have really benefited from mobile gaming.

Nowadays the very concept of being able to play casino games on your phone or mobile device has become almost second nature. TV commercials are constantly filled with adverts promoting the latest online and mobile-based casino sites with all the best welcome bonuses and games to choose from.

It’s this sheer volume of choice and the convenient and cost-effective way in which mobile gaming can be enjoyed which has really helped make a difference within the market. And one that has truly helped set this gaming platform aside from its competition.


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