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When Will The iPad Mini 2 Be Released? Target Hints At November 21st


When Will The iPad Mini 2 Be Released? Target Hints At November 21st

The question on a lot of people’s mind right now is when is the Retina iPad Mini 2 coming out?

Usually Apple gives a specific release date for the iPad, but not this time. Apple’s only comment on the release date of the Retina iPad Mini 2 was that it would be out in November.

It looks like one of Apple’s third-party retailers may have spoiled the surprise though as it has been discovered that the Retina iPad Mini 2 will likely debut on November 21st. This date comes from a product listing at, which stated its release date was “November 21, 2013,” or the week before Thanksgiving in the US (as shown in the screenshot below).

iPad Mini 2 Release Date

This release date could very well be a wild guess from target to gain some publicity, but to timing does make sense. As Cult Of Mac explains:

Thanksgiving in the United States is held on November 28th this year, with the nation’s most important shopping day, Black Friday, following the next day. Black Friday is crazy, but it’s the last possible Friday Apple could launch the mini in November: they want to have the new iPad mini out at least a week before lest they have utter anarchy on their hands. You don’t launch a new product on Black Friday. To do so is madness.

The only evidence we have against a release date of November 21st is that Apple doesn’t usually launch on a Thursday, preferring Friday. But it could very well be that Thursday is simply the day that target gets the iPad Mini from Apple and the first day they could ship them out.

So why the delay of the iPad Mini 2?

Most people believe that the initial stock of the iPad Mini 2 is going to be very limited, due to poor panel yield rates and this makes a lot of sense.

Will you be trying to get your hands on an iPad Mini 2? Drop us a line in the comments section below…

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