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Was iOS 7 Created In Microsoft Word?


Was iOS 7 Created In Microsoft Word?

Believe it or not iOS 7 could have actually been created in Microsoft Word… seriously. Word expert Vaclav Krejci has demonstrated in a video that it is indeed possible to re-create iOS 7 using some advanced functions of Microsoft Word. It sounds crazy I know, but after watching the video you will be amazed at just how perfectly Krejci was able to re-create iOS 7 and an actual iPhone using nothing but Word.

I don’t even want to know how long this actually took to do because the video is dramatically sped up, but it is probably the most impressive thing I have seen in awhile. If anything this video really showcases how powerful Microsoft Word is in regards to image rendering… forget photoshop, say hello to the future of design.

Obviously iOS 7 wasn’t actually created using Microsoft Word, but this video makes a pretty convincing argument for it, is it not?

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