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[Video] New Hotmail Coming Soon, See The Demo Video For Exciting Features


[Video] New Hotmail Coming Soon, See The Demo Video For Exciting Features

Microsoft has redesigned and revamped Windows Live Hotmail to offer a slew of new features. Microsoft this time has really come up with some new exciting features that has really made Hotmail far more feature rich, and easier to use. It appears that Microsoft wants to compete with G Mail which has gained tremendous popularity in recent past due to its enhanced features and user friendly operation.


Here are some of the interesting key changes that has been made to this latest version of Windows Live Hotmail.

Home Page:
– Convenient and concise summary of the most important mail in your inbox.
– Stream of photos and updates from Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, Twitter, and over 70 other websites.
– Post comments directly to some of these sites and update your Facebook status.

– Cut through the clutter by clicking just once to see all the mail from your contacts, or all of your social network updates (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, etc.), or mail from the group mailing lists you belong to.
– Click once to see all messages that have links to photos or photos attached, or all messages that have Office documents attached, or shipping updates, or messages you’ve flagged.

Hotmail on iPhone

Sweep Away Clutter:
A tool that makes it easy to get rid of the junk mail cluttering up your inbox. Sweep is a virtual broom that lets you super easily “sweep” the mail you don’t want out of your inbox into either folders or oblivion, leaving your inbox clean.

Sweep Email

Hotmail Active View:
– Hotmail automatically shows you a preview of your photo attachments and lets you view them as a slide show in a single click.
– Using Windows Live SkyDrive you can send up to 200 photos, each up to 50 MB in size, all in a single email.
– If you receive a document, you can now open it with the full power of the new Office Web Apps, right in Hotmail.

– Hotmail supports push email on the web, PC, and now also on the mobile phone. Using Exchange ActiveSync you can seamlessly synchronize Hotmail between your phone and the web, and also synchronize your calendar, contacts, and tasks.

– Enhanced account protection, full-session SSL, multiple email accounts, subfolders, contact management, and ever-growing storage.

Video Demo:


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