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Viber App Hits Desktop, iOS App Gains Video Chat, Live Call Transfer, New Stickers And More


Viber App Hits Desktop, iOS App Gains Video Chat, Live Call Transfer, New Stickers And More

Great news for Viber users, in case you are using Viber the popular instant messaging services then you are going to love the following news. Viber – which was founded by American-Israeli entrepreneur Talmon Marco – has revamped its mobile iOS/Android client with video messages, an improved voice engine said to help improve call quality and lots more. Go past the fold for an introductory video and more tidbits…

Viber for Mac and Windows, as you’d expect, syncs your contacts, messages and call history with your mobile devices. And of course, you can start the conversation on Viber for iPhone and continue right where you left off on your Mac.
From a news release:
One of the strengths of Viber is its easy activation process. The company has replicated the same process with Viber Desktop. As soon as you enter your mobile number and a confirmation code which is sent to your mobile Viber app, you are ready to go!
All of your mobile Viber contacts are instantly and continuously synced from your mobile Viber to Viber Desktop.
You can even transfer ongoing VoIP calls between devices.
Other features of the desktop Viber client include video calls, HD voice calls, free text and photo messages, group conversations and more.
Here’s a short Viber Desktop video tour.

More than 200 million people are using Viber and now I am very sure that the number will increase after bringing Viber app to Mac and Windows.

n addition to the brand new desktop apps, Viber also revamped the mobile client. For starters, Viber mobile version 3.0 now supports video messages.
The new build includes localization in eight new languages (Czech, Danish, Greek, Finnish, Hungarian, Polish, Swedish, Turkish, Korean, Dutch, Thai, Vietnamese, Malay and Indonesian) and features the ability to transfer live calls between Viber on your iPhone and Viber on Desktop.
A new online indicator helps determine who’s online, in-app notifications for new messages kick in when Viber is active and you can now filter groups in messages screen to quickly find a specific group.
The visual makeover includes a redesigned contact info screen, larger photos/thumbnails, the ability to browse photos from particular users/groups and other UI tweaks.
Viber now cleverly downloads new photos for faster viewing and lets you even add a caption to the photos and videos being sent. And last, but not the least, Viber 3.0 contains new packages of obligatory stickers, the latest fad popularized by recent sticker-related updates to Path, Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps.

So what are you waiting for ? Go and download Viber app from the App Store and Google’s Play Store for Android.


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