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Verizon iPhone 5s is already unlocked, works with LTE bands


Verizon iPhone 5s is already unlocked, works with LTE bands

Looks like Verizon is certainly going to have an edge (or at least a chance to remain competitive) over other carriers primarily due to one reason – their iPhone 5s is GSM unlocked.

Is that true?

First of all, let’s recall what happened when the iPhone 5 was released last year. Verizon was the only carrier that made headlines that their iPhone 5 was GSM unlocked.

And now they’ve done the same for iPhone 5s – you can insert any SIM such as T-Mobile (nano size off course), and enjoy the perks of operating a different carrier network.

Icing on the cake? T-Mobile’s 4G network is also going to work with Verizon’s iPhone 5s.

And unlock last year’s iPhone (discontinued by Apple), the 5s is expected to work with LTE bands provided by GSM.

This is great news for those who are going on trips/meetings or simply just enjoy traveling, because there won’t be a fuss about having to unlock the device as it has already earned that status… from Verizon.

If you happen to own a Verizon iPhone 5s, or some of your peers do, feel free to share your unlock status in the comments section below.

(via iDB)

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