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Use Technology to Aid in Your Workout


Use Technology to Aid in Your Workout

Maintaining a regular workout routine can be a struggle. With work and family responsibilities, there often is little opportunity to fit in time for exercise as well. Though you may not think it, technology can actually provide the solutions you need to plan a workout routine, and stick with it. It can also help you more easily integrate physical fitness into all aspects of your everyday life. Here are five ways that technology can aid you with your workout.

1. Create Your Own Fitness Schedule

One of the most difficult aspects of maintaining a workout routine is devising a schedule and sticking to it. To solve this problem, download an app like Workout Plan to help with scheduling, reminders, and workout regimens. Mobile apps are readily accessible on your smartphone, and can aid you with designing and building workout routines, staying focused and committed to a goal, and mixing up your workout regimen with different routines and exercises. Why worry about devising and sticking to a regimented schedule when your phone can do it for you?

2. Track Your Distance and Pace

A key component of any effective workout routine is monitoring your progress. This is where fitness trackers come into play. From Fitbit to the Apple Watch, there are a wide range of fitness trackers to choose from. There are even fitness trackers for seniors; the Lively Wearable can track steps, help keep the mind focused and sharp with mental puzzles, and even alert first-aid responders in the event of a medical emergency. Choose a fitness tracker that suits your needs, and start keeping track of distance, pace, steps walked, and other relevant performance indicators.

3. Healthy Eating Apps

When it comes to maintaining your health, what you eat is more important than how active you are. If your diet consists of nothing but hamburgers, ice cream, and sugary soft drinks, there’s a good chance that no amount of exercise will be able to reverse the rising tide. On the other hand, eat a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and low-fat proteins, and you will find that you can maintain your weight with minimal physical effort. For this reason, consider downloading a nutrition app like MyFitnessPal to help you maintain a healthy diet. Just as mobile apps can help you create and stick to a fitness schedule, the same is true for eating healthy.

4. Heart Rate Monitors

Heart rate monitors can help you track your resting and active heart rates, provide you with target zones that can help with your workout routine, provide invaluable data on your recovery heart rate (a good indicator of cardiovascular health), and in some cases, even help you track distance and pace. There are two types of heart rate monitors: chest monitors and wrist monitors. You will likely find that wrist monitors are more convenient, but if you are seeking the most accurate data possible, then a chest monitor is the way to go. Whichever monitor you choose; you will benefit from the invaluable data that it provides.

5. Social Groups

Are you someone who needs to be motivated to stick with a routine? If so, social media platforms like Spark People or Pact might be just right for you. These online platforms effectively act as accountability groups; individuals just like you encourage and champion each other, providing invaluable motivation and assistance in achieving a goal. With other people cheering you on, and expecting results, you will likely find it far easier to stick to your routine than if you go about things all alone.

With a little bit of motivation and the right tools, you can seamlessly integrate a workout routine into your daily life – a workout routine that works for your busy and hectic schedule, yet still allows you to achieve your health goals. Whether you track your steps at work, or carve out time for trips to the gym every couple of days, technology can provide the solutions you need. From mobile apps to fitness trackers, there are no shortage of tools available. Take advantage of them and get healthy!



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