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Try These 9 High-Resolution Space Wallpapers


Try These 9 High-Resolution Space Wallpapers

So let us take a break from Apple news for awhile, because today we've got for you these 9 high resolution space themed images. Don't worry these nine images are all large enough that they should look great on just about any screen size, whether its a desktop Mac, PC, iPhone, or a retina iPad.
For the real image size, click on the link or open the image in a new tab. Most of which are hosted by NASA from their Hubble and Picture of the Day sites, download them to your devices, and switch up that desktop with a journey into deep space.
Carina Nebula
iOS 7 Galaxy sized at 2048×2048
You might recognize this one from the initial iOS 7 beta wallpaper collection sized for iPhone and iPod touch, except it’s at a higher resolution intended for iPad and desktops. (Heads up to iClarified for the image)
Last Image removed for copyright protection

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