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Top iOS and Android Apps for Home Automation


Top iOS and Android Apps for Home Automation

Being in the digital age has had a profound effect on our surroundings; not only in terms of the technology we can now create, but also in how we interact with it. The widespread use of mobile devices (usually in the form of smart phones) is something which can be incorporated with technology, and home automation in particular, through the use of apps. The internet of things is set to take this even further, allowing for back-and-forth information exchange between the appliance and the user. The internet is set to give us even more control over our surroundings than we had, with the hope that it will make our lives easier. Using mobile devices allows us to interact with our automated devices with the click of a button.

Electric Actuators

The use of apps could be particularly useful in terms of particular systems, such as ones which use electric actuators – having a connection between the two will remove the need for actual physical manipulation of the device in question. Linear actuators can be incorporated into a variety of automated appliances, so the connection between them and apps is something which will only enhance our use of automation.


This app is for iOS only, so anybody who uses an Android or other device will have to look elsewhere. This app does not simply function passively, but actively syncs with the automation which is present in a home to give the homeowner options in what they want happening, whether that is the coffee machine turning on, or the door unlocking when you walk up to it (from either side). The options which the app give to a homeowner will obviously depend very strongly on which home automation has been put in place, so it will be unique.
This app is available as a free download for both Android and iOS. The app itself normally handles the basics of automation by allowing for video feeds, light switches, and specialised WeMo outlets to be handled via the app, but there is a lot of room for customisation. The app can also create customised notifications for users, alerting them to specific circumstances.
Loxone is an app which comes as close as an app can to controlling every single automated process in someone’s home. Loxone controls lighting, climate control, security processes, and whatever other home automation a homeowner has installed. Unlike other apps, Loxone allows for the processes to be centralised and controlled from one single area, allowing for a single point of contact for to be used to control all the home processes. Loxone is particularly user friendly and can be used on a variety of mobiles devices types and operating systems.


Home automation is known for focusing to a great degree on automating the various factors behind living in a home – thermostats, water heaters, radiators, blinds (for cooling a room), and so on. Nest is an app which gives users the opportunity to control all of these automated functions from one single point of origin. There are ways to do this already, but Nest is the only app which allows people to centralise their control over home automation


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