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Top 10 Gadgets Of The Week


Top 10 Gadgets Of The Week

gadgets-for-men-.jpg Love gadgets? Great, so do we. But it can be hard to stay in the loop on what’s hot and what’s not. No problem, we can help. The following gadgets and gear are sure to slap a smile on your face — or on the person you’re gifting this to.





  • Kodak Underwater Camera

    Take your camcorder underwater Unveiled at the recent Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Kodak‘s PlaySport is billed as the first underwater pocket camcorder. Perfect for spring break vacations or cottage excursions, the PlaySport ($159.99) can be submerged in water as deep as 10 feet and still shoot full HD 1080p video (and 5-megapixel still photos) with postage stamp-sized memory cards.


  • The Amazon Kindle (Wireless Books)

    Wireless books on the go

    Now available to Canadians, the Amazon Kindle(US $259) is a small, thin and lightweight electronic book (e-book) reader that lets you download books, magazines and newspapers wirelessly. And it uses 3G connectivity instead of Wi-Fi, therefore you can get reading material virtually anywhere — even on a park bench. Along with the ability to change font sizes, you can also press a button to have books read to you.




  • Sansa Music Player for Workout

    Perfect music player for working out Active types who like to exercise outdoors or at the gym like to be entertained, but not bogged down with hardware. The SanDisk Sansa Clip Plus ($59.99 for 4GB) is a teeny music player that’s smaller than a pack of Tic Tacs, yet it can play up to 1,000 songs on its internal memory — and thousands more with optical microSD memory cards. This clip-on device also houses an FM radio and voice recorder.




  • Tablet, iPad Alternative (Cheap)

    Tablet, on the cheap Those who can’t afford the iPad’s $500+ price tag might consider the mibook (pronounced "my book") instead. This $70 tablet-like media player displays videos, photos and e-books on its 7-inch screen, and can also play music, audiobooks and podcasts. The mibook also works with instructional video cards (sold separately) which contain lessons on how to cook dishes, plant gardens or perform DIY projects.



  • Net book-style PC

    Netbook-style PC If your laptop is too bulky to lug around when you’re out and about, consider the new HPMini 311 (from $499), a netbook-style PC that weighs just three pounds — yet boasts an 11.6-inch screen capable of 1080p HD playback. This Wi-Fi-enabled, Windows 7-powered machine features an Intel Atom processor, 1GB of system memory, a 160GB hard drive and three USB ports.



  • Motorola Milestone Smart Choice Phone

    Smart choice in smartphones The Motorola Milestone is Canada’s hottest handset, a versatile smartphone with a huge 3.7-inch touchscreen and glide-out QWERTY keyboard for messaging mavens. This Android 2.0-powered device (from $199.99) includes familiar Google apps, such as integrated search and maps, along with a Flash-enabled web browser, a 5-megapixel camera that can shoot DVD-quality video and 16GB of onboard storage.

For more on the Motorola Milestone, click here.


  • Best GPS Device

    Best in GPS  If springtime is road trip season for your friends or family, consider a reliable GPS device for the car, such as the Garmin Nüvi 255W navigation unit ($169.99). Tap where you want to go on its 4.3-inch touch display and get turn-by-turn directions anywhere in Canada or the U.S. (with spoken street names, too). Plus, with more than six million points of interest, you’ll easily find nearby restaurants, hotels and gas stations.


  • Best Pocket Hard Drive For Backups

    Back it up, buddy Most mobile computer users know how important it is to back up files — such as important documents and irreplaceable photos — on a regular basis, but many of us don’t know where to start. The Clickfree C2(from $119.99) makes it easy. It’s a portable backup drive with integrated USB cable — simply plug it into your PC or Mac and it does the rest by automatically finding your key files and making a copy to the external drive for safe keeping.


  • Tablet, iPad Alternative (Cheap)

    Feature-packed netbook The hottest netbook of the season, Samsung’s N310 ($499.99; is a small and lightweight PC that doesn’t skimp on features. Specifically, we’re crazy about its 10-inch glossy screen, near full-size (94 per cent) keyboard, rubber-like finish for a tight grip, and optional built-in 3G connectivity so you can log online anywhere (which brings the price down to $199.99 with a two-year Bell plan).


  • Pocket-sized Projector

Pocket-sized projector  Why watch a movie on your iPhone’s 3.5-inch screen when you can turn that into a 100-inch display? It’s possible with Wowwee’s Cinemin Swivel (US $299.99;, a pocket-sized projector with built-in speaker that easily connects to the bottom of your iPhone (or other device, including laptops) and then projects the image on a nearby blank wall or ceiling. Now all you need is popcorn.






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