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TinyUmbrella Gets Updated To Support iOS 6.1.4


TinyUmbrella Gets Updated To Support iOS 6.1.4

From a few hours ago we reported to you that Apple released iOS 6.1.4 specifically for iPhone 5, the new version doesn't bring new feature except updating audio profile for speakerphone.. So in case you have updated your iPhone for iOS 6.1.4 you will be happy to know that Notcom has released a new update for his popular SHSH blob-saving tool TinyUmbrella with support for today’s iOS update. So if you’re on an iPhone 5, running iOS 6.1.4, you’ll want to grab it.

In any firmware we always recommend our users to save their SHSH blobs on the version they are on in case they want to get back for it anytime... Here's the download links for TinyUmbrella's latest versions: 


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