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Tim Cook D11 Full Interview Now Available [Full Video]


Tim Cook D11 Full Interview Now Available [Full Video]

Last night Tim Cook the CEO of Apple was in a rare public interview at AllThingsD's D11 conference. Speaking with the site’s Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg, the CEO talked about a number of topics, including Apple’s interest in wearable computers and iOS 7.

So right now and in case you didn't watch the full interview between Tim Cook and Walt Mossberg, thankfully we've got for you a full video interview from the conference brought to you by AllThingsD

It’s interesting that the full video was posted so quickly. It seems like last year, the site waited a few weeks to release the full Tim Cook interview. Perhaps this year’s talk was more popular, or just received more coverage from other tech media, prompting them to post it early. Either way, it’s worth watching. As we’ve said previously, Cook doesn’t reveal any new products, but he does talk more in-depth than you’d think he would about some interesting topics, and even makes a major announcement regarding Apple’s plans to make iOS more open.

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