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This Video Shows Off The iPhone 5C’s Scratch Resistance


This Video Shows Off The iPhone 5C’s Scratch Resistance

In the past few weeks we have seen tons of leaked pictures for Apple's next generation iPhone 5C and we many of you still don't believe that iPhone 5C is a real awesome device.. From the rumors we heard is that iPhone 5C will feature a plastic body much like the iPhone 3GS, only sturdier. Using polycarbonate plastic in place of the iPhone 5′s sensitive two-tone aluminum + glass combo should yield some much-needed advancements in the scratch resistance department, as shown in a video posted by Taiwan’s Apple Daily.

The following video clip shows a lot of important things that we should highlight it.. The video shows off that the iPhone 5C is a scratch resistance which means it will be very difficult to be scratched because it is made of a plastic body. The second thing the video gives us the exact measurements of the iPhone 5C’s rear shell which, despite rocking the same four-inch screen as the current iPhone 5, appears to be just slightly taller and thicker than its high-end counterpart…

Check out this video: 

Another thing to glean from the clip: colors.

If the video is an indication, the iPhone 5C will be offered in red, green, white and blue, matching up previous rumors pretty nicely. There could also be a yellow iPhone 5C variant, according to a recent backplate leak.
This compares to the iPhone 5 which measures 58.6mm wide, 123.8mm tall and 7.6mm deep. The slightly wider and taller and a tad thicker iPhone 5C enclosure could be contributed to the use of polycarbonate plastic instead of aluminum.

The video briefly shows a comparison shot of the iPhone 5 backplate versus the blue iPhone 5S rear shell which we actually spotted earlier today on Sina Weibo (but can’t vouch for its authenticity).
So what do you think guys ? 


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