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This Upcoming Tweak Brings Picture-In-Picture Video To iOS


This Upcoming Tweak Brings Picture-In-Picture Video To iOS

Have you ever wanted to watch any video on your iPhone while you are writing a message or surfing the web at the same time ? What about checking for new notifications on your Facebook account and writing a statue ? All of these and more can be done while watching any video on your iPhone by using an upcoming jailbreak tweak called VideoPane.

VideoPane jailbreak tweak is an upcoming jailbreak tweak developed by Ryan Petrich the well known developer who made a lot of nice tweaks like Barrel and etc... Right now we've got our hands on a copy for the tweak before it comes out.. Check out this video:

In case you’re curious, Samsung’s Galaxy S3 was one of the first mainstream phones to make such a feature popular. Its “Popup Play” feature allowed users to multitask while watching video using the device’s native video player, according to Samsung’s website.

Currently the tweak is still in development and it is said it will cost $1.99.. Until now there is no specific ETA set, but as usual we will keep you updated once it releases.

So what do you think about this tweak ? Would you love to use it ?

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