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This Tweak Promises To Amplify Your iPhone’s Speaker By 200%


This Tweak Promises To Amplify Your iPhone’s Speaker By 200%

A smartphone like the iPhone doesn't have a loud volume and sometimes this is bad for some people who can't hear very well, like for example when I be in a crowd I realize that about 10 missed call I didn't answer them. But thankfully jailbreak community is giving us a lot of opportunities to make our device a better one.. So today we've got for you a new recently released jailbreak tweak called Volume Amplifier. And this tweak will increase your iPhone’s call speaker volume by 200%.
Volume Amplifier isn’t the first jailbreak tweak that promises to make your iPhone louder, but its creator claims it’s different to the others. Rather than just editing a configuration file on your iPhone to make your speaker a little louder, this tweak actually amplifies the audio stream.

After installing the tweak on your iPhone, you will be able to increase your iPhone’s speaker volume way past the limit set by Apple. Once you hit 100%, just keep pressing the volume up button to go further; Volume Amplifier will display colored a colored indicator alongside Apple’s default volume indicator to show you how far you’re going.

Imagine your iPhone's volume speaker increased to 200%, wouldn't it be a great thing ? 

The tweak won’t alter the volume of your iPhone’s main speaker, so it won’t make your music, movies, or games any louder. That’s a massive shame, because I think that’s what most people would use a tweak like this for. But if you think your iPhone’s call speaker isn’t loud enough, this could be the solution.

Right now the tweak is only available for iPhone 5, and the developer told us it will be coming very soon to support iPhone 4 and 4S... So right now you can download the tweak from Cydia store for $1.99 via BigBoss repo... 

So what do you think ? Have you tried it ?

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