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This Survey Says Apple’s iPhone Grabs 3 Ties As Many Samsung Users


This Survey Says Apple’s iPhone Grabs 3 Ties As Many Samsung Users

A new survey conducted among Samsung phone and iPhone buyers revealed that 20 percent of those who bought a new iPhone previously owned an Android device, or 1 out of each new iPhone buyers had an Android phone. However, only 7 percent of new Samsung buyers had switched from iPhone. The overall result is that the largest group of iPhone buyers had another phone before.

The survey also shows that Samsung attract buyers of other Android phones and those who’re buying a smartphone for the first time. It was conducted by CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) and was targeted towards smartphone buyers between July 2012 and June 2013. Fortune reports both the companies did well at retaining their core customers.
It terms of targeting each other’s customers, Samsung only managed to get 11 percent from Apple, while Apple managed to attract 33 percent from the Samsung lot. This means Apple is able to take 3 times more Samsung customers than Samsung other way around.

The survey results show Apple’s brand loyalty. CIRP says other companies are facing the wrath of the two giants (Samsung is taking customers from Nokia, Motorola and HTC while Apple is the biggest blow to BlackBerry).

CIRP data also found that iPhone owners were young, had more money and were more educated than Samsung owners, so Samsung’s quest to mark iPhone as obsolete technology that was being adopted by old folks went down in vein.

What do you think of this? Do you like Apple or Samsung?

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