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This Awesome Jailbreak Theme Was Inspired By Microsoft Paint


This Awesome Jailbreak Theme Was Inspired By Microsoft Paint

I love trying latest jailbreak themes on my jailbroken iPhone, but have you ever wanted to try a theme based on Microsoft's iconic paint applications ? Well you are lucky because there is a new recently released jailbreak theme called Paint which gives you a new inspired Microsoft paint theme on your iPhone/iPad and iPod Touch....

Paint, known for its tendency to produce crude looking drawings, is the application that’s been around in one form or another since Window’s inception. When wielded by a skilled artist it can produce impressive creations, but nine times out of ten, the results end up looking like something a toddler put together. This theme is no exception.

Check out this video: 
Paint — yes, it’s name is the same name of the application that it’s based off of — is an extremely simple theme. In fact, you’ll find that nearly every third party application lacks support for the theme. That means that the majority of your icons — almost all of those outside of the stock set — lack support for themed app icons. When you see how the themed icons look, this might not seem like such a bad thing. Paint is an extremely crude looking creation, even by Microsoft Paint standards. You can download Paint jailbreak theme on your jailbroken iPhone from Cydia via Modmyi repo... Enjoy all and let us know if you loved it or not.

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