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The Open Source Jailbreak Repository OpenJailbreak Is Now Live


The Open Source Jailbreak Repository OpenJailbreak Is Now Live

Back in the beginning of July we reported that P0sixninja ended up launching his website, but that it wasn’t the finalized version only a temporary home for what would be coming. At the WWJC 2013 today, however, P0sixninja took wraps off the full version of the site that’s main focus is to create more collaboration amongst developers in the Jailbreaking community. is not a Jailbreak par say, but rather a portal where people interested in contributing to the Jailbreaking community will have access to open source components from previous tools like Greenpois0n and Absinthe. Besides these open source components there will also be be bug, feature and issue tracking.


These open source components in particular make it much easier for someone to come in and start getting into the Jailbreak development scene, rather than starting from scratch. Obviously you will still need a background in computer programming though for them to be of use and to help out with the cause.

As P0sixninja explained “there is simply too much code for one person to manage, and it would help to offload some of this work and distribute it among those willing to help.”

The current projects on right now include:

  • libmbdb-1.0 for modifying iOS IPSW backups
  • libmacho-1.0 to modify and parse Apple Mach-O executables
  • libimg3-1.0 for decrypting iOS IMG3 files
  • libdyldcache-1.0, libirecovery-2.0, and libcrippy-1.0
  • libafc-1.0 for communicating with iOS AFC
  • ibipsw-1.0 for parsing and extracting IPSWs
  • libtss-1.0 for requesting TSS from Apple’s servers
  • libbbfw-1.0
  • libsyringe-1.0 for injecting bootrom exploits
  • libanthrax-1.0 for running code on ramdisks
  • libcynaide-1.0 for parsing and manipulating iOS dynamic linker shared code
  • libansinthe-1.0
  • libidevicerestore-1.0
  • libidevicebackup-1.0
  • libideviceinstall-1.0
  • libideviceactivate-1.0 is just one of four websites that P0sixninja is reportedly launching. You can check out the site for yourself by clicking here.

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