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The Best Emerging Tech For Gaming in 2016

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The Best Emerging Tech For Gaming in 2016


Credit: Andri Koolme

In the tech world, virtual reality (VR) is almost certainly ‘the next big thing’. In fact, going forward, VR will have a role in everything from healthcare to law enforcement. While this shows that VR’s application is broader than just entertainment, the gaming world is no doubt set to adopt it in a big way. Just imagine fighting a boss battle in Doom or sitting across your friends playing poker at You will never have to leave your house ever again!

Kinect-compatible 3D glasses

The guys at SMI Vision have developed a set of 3D glasses that combine eye and head tracking, as well active shutter 3D. This is all made for use with Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect system. These 3D glasses offer consumers a kind of super VR. Indeed, the eye tracker can tell exactly what you’re looking at within the 3D space and allows objects to react accordingly.



Leap Motion

Leap Motion is a new kind of motion controller; one that is more accurate than anything currently on the market. Leap Motion can track the movements of all ten fingers in 3D space. The system is truly affordable, and works with practically any USB device. Its use of open source code means that it can be applied in almost any task, from gaming to virtual frog dissection!

Oculus Rift

One of the biggest crowdfunding hits of the last few years, Oculus Rift was first announced back in 2012. Yet over the last four years, the technology behind it has come on in leaps and bounds. With two HD screens (one for each eye), the company’s new 3D glasses give users much wider field of vision than older versions.

Game developers like iD, Valve, and Epic Games are all signed up to make games for the Rift. As a result, the Oculus 3D gaming glasses are set to lead the way in the VR revolution. Oculus was released in development form in March 2016 and a UK consumer release is scheduled to occur later in the year. The system will cost around £410.

Project Holodeck

Project Holodeck is a work-in-progress that promises to bring VR well and truly into the 21st century. It makes use of Oculus Rift headsets, but adds the ability to track full body movements rather than just the head. Its developers also say that plans are afoot to add wind effects.


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