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The Best Apps for Adrenalin Junkies


The Best Apps for Adrenalin Junkies

Question: Do you yearn to feel your heart thundering away, your adrenalin pumping through your system and your life flashing before your very eyes on a daily basis? If the answer is “YEEEESSSS!!!” then you’re clearly what’s known as an adrenalin junkie. To get your fix you’re going to need some apps, and you’re going to need them right now.

Don’t worry- there are plenty of apps out there for people with your particular condition. Check this one out for starters – Asphalt Xtreme. You even get a thrill when you visit the site if you haven’t muted your sound as there’s a loud engine revving to welcome you in. Hit download and you’ll be laughing. It’s essentially racing, but it’s nothing like the snail racing you’ve probably got in mind, that most sluggish and arduous of sports. No, this is fast-paced and full of thrills and spills, flips and trips and all the other things that get the adrenalin flowing.

If you’re not into racing then check out the games on InterCasino. If you haven’t heard of this one then it’s a complete internet casino (hence the name!)… a gambler’s dream really. There are hundreds of slot machines, a great range of table games and of course roulette which is surely the best way to get your adrenalin fix: the spinning wheel… the dashing ball… the potential to win big…!

Alright, so what is there in the more unconventional line of apps? Ever wanted to be RoboCop? Well now you can! This third-person shooter is a definite blast from the past- not literally of course, but in the respect that you’ll be able to re-live the retro, super crime-busting flick of the 80s and blast your way through everything in sight. Seriously though, it’s not just a button-basher. (Incidentally if you do want a button-basher then the ultimate in the genre, Metal Slug, is an app too now and is well worth the download.) RoboCop tests your mettle and skill more than just the stamina of your digits and is a great way to get the heart drumming and the eyes bulging.

Finally there’s something a bit special… Assassin’s Creed: Pirates. Ever since the Pirates of the Caribbean films came out all those years ago our culture’s been obsessed with pirates. It must be the Jonnie Depp factor…!  Download this one and you’ll find yourself transported to the high seas. You can sail ships, navigate reefs and of course, attack other boats. Using various button taps and combinations of finger movements you’ll fire cannonades, dodge broadsides and acquire bounty through traditional piracy with not an illegal download or dodgy DVD in sight!

So if you’re an adrenalin junkie then you can rest assured that you can now get your daily fix of the good stuff with ease. Ironically, this assurance is probably the last thing you want, bringing the heart-rate down to a rather too restful 60BPM.


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