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That was fast: $199 Nexus 4 now sold out


That was fast: $199 Nexus 4 now sold out

Less than a week ago, Google decided to slash $100 off the price of the Nexus 4. The 8GB model went from $299 to $199 and the 16GB model went from $349 to $249. In an announcement that will shock no one, today the 8GB model has gone out of stock, and sources tell The Verge that there are no plans to make any more. Truth be told, I’ve always said people should spend that little bit extra and get the 16GB model, but I understand that $50 can be a lot for some folks.

While we’re on the subject of the Nexus, what does 2013 have in store? That depends on who you believe. There are rumors saying LG is going to make the “Nexus 5″, but there are also statements from LG executives saying that’s not true. There are rumors saying Motorola is going to make the “Nexus 5″, but then how would that play out with the rumors about the Moto X going on sale in the Google Play Store?

Circling back to the Nexus 4, should you buy the 16GB model while it’s still on sale? If you’re in one of the handful of western countries where you can get a Nexus 4 directly from Google, and you’re on a super tight budget, there’s no reason for me not to recommend this phone.

Be warned, the camera is horrible.


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