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Technology That’s Striking Back in the Fight Against Crime

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Technology That’s Striking Back in the Fight Against Crime

Whatever the official statistics say, we all know that theft is on the increase, and some of the most vulnerable items are those that we rely on most in our lives: our car, mobile phone and debit and credit cards. Vigilance remains key in the battle against theft, but as criminals become ever more sophisticated we all need a little extra help to hold onto our valuables. Thankfully, technological innovation is creating new and effective ways to prevent theft, particular with regards to those three vital items mentioned earlier.

Keyless Car Entry Systems

Cars have always been a favorite target for career criminals, because once stolen they can be sold on for a substantial price or broken down into valuable parts to reduce the risk of detection. Professional car thieves are experts at picking locks and hot-wiring ignitions and can surreptitiously take a car in the time it takes to enter and exit a building. Vehicle theft is on the increase, and the rising cost of components means that most stolen cars are quickly stripped for their parts, making retrieval by the police unlikely. Keyless car entry systems are not simply a new way to enter your vehicle, they are also an effective weapon in the fight against car crime as they make it much harder to gain manual access to a vehicle.

An Innovation in Mobile Phone Detection

Our mobile phones are becoming increasingly advanced and valuable, and the sell on price of top models makes them attractive to felons. Your phone is full of important contacts and photos of great moments you’ve shared with loved ones, so if your phone is stolen it can be a traumatic experience. An innovative piece of mobile phone technology called Sniffer, however, can make it much easier to locate and retrieve your phone before it’s damaged, wiped or sold on. As explained on the Sniffer utilizes a tiny base station, a one directional antenna and sophisticated tracking software to detect a stolen phone’s whereabouts using its unique IMEI number. It can save you money and preserve those precious memories.

Preventing Fraudulent Cash Withdrawals

Debit cards are more attractive to thieves than ever before, with contactless technology meaning that they don’t even need to acquire a pin number to use them. The big gains come from withdrawing large amounts of cash at ATM’s however, but the latest facial recognition technology could soon make that a crime of the past. In a system already being trialed in the Chinese region of Macau, customers at cash machines will have their face scanned for six seconds, and this scan will then be used to verify their identity against an existing record of the customer’s face. It’s impact on bank card theft could be huge, so it’s likely to be implemented worldwide sooner rather than later.

Cutting edge technology is already helping ordinary members of the public in the fight against crime, and the increasing use of biometrics is likely to be an even more effective deterrent in the near future. It’s just one example of how technology is changing our world for the better, and the three systems outlined above can also bring added peace of mind to people who are worried about theft of their car, bank cards or smart phone.


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