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T-Mobile is Blocking any Vacation for September 20 iPhone Launch ?


T-Mobile is Blocking any Vacation for September 20 iPhone Launch ?

Here goes another sign for the launch of the next generation iPhones 5/5C, T-Mobile USA has reported that it is going to block vacations for it's USA retail employees starting from Friday, September 20 till Sunday, September 22, Do you think the next generation iPhones are going to hit the shelves during these duration ? Lets find out !

on the other hand, another report claimed that there is no proof weather the blocking period is related to Apple or another event. However, New iPhone generations have been always making thier ways to the stores a week or two after the official announcement so T-Mobile would be wise if it is making this move to make it's staff ready for the big day.

According to TMoNews and it's sources, that this blocking issue is so iPhone related.

Moreover, Samsung is scheduled to announce a new Note & a Galaxy gear smart-phone on September 4, Meaning T-Mobile could be doing this vacation blocking for Samsung too !

If T-Mobile made this for Apple So we are expecting Apple to launch the next generation iPhone across all USA carries & not having an exclusive period for Verizon and AT&T.

& It has been reported by Nikkie that September 20 also matches the date that is expected to begin selling the new generation of iPhones in Japan & Greece.

If we could make a flash back to last year, you will find that these dates make sense.

Apple usually launches the new generation iPhones in the USA & some international markets a week after they have announced, & they announces some news at the media events on Tuesday or Wednesday.

For example, The iPhone 5 was announced at the media event on September 12/2013 (Wednesday), & it went on sale in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan & Singapore on September 21( Friday).

This year,September 10 is a Tuesday and September 20 is a Friday.

At the end, You are free to have your own conclusion.


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