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StoreDot: Fully Charge Your Smartphone In 30 Seconds [VIDEO]


StoreDot: Fully Charge Your Smartphone In 30 Seconds [VIDEO]

A smartphone, such as the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, cannot last longer than a full day of general use. All that processing power, GPU, camera, the beautiful and bright display, all draw power and make your smartphone run out of juice. Imagine if you could fully charge your smartphone from 10 percent to 100 in just 30 seconds.

Say hello to StoreDot, a start-up from Israel, which recently revealed a prototype charger that can charge your smartphone from low charge to fully charged in 30 seconds.


The charger, which is currently the size of a laptop charger, was demoed at Microsoft’s Think Next conference in Tel Aviv. The prototype, which works with the Samsung Galaxy S4, was developed in the nanotechnology department at Tel Aviv University. The company does have plans to make this charger available for other smartphones and also make it smaller. Check out the demo video below, it is impressive.

Wouldn’t it be super useful to be able to quick charge your iPhone or other smartphones when it’s about to run out of charge. Specially when you’re in the middle of an important call or some other work.

StoreDot will go into production in late 2016 and may cost somewhere around $30. What do you think of this new technology?

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