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Stealing iPhones is more profitable than crack in San Francisco


Stealing iPhones is more profitable than crack in San Francisco

iPhone theft stories aren’t something new. However, thieves are now following a new approach when it comes to making money from the stolen iPhone. According to San Francisco Examiner, thieves are now returning the stolen iPhones to the victim. The thankful owner gives $20 in return for the prized device – that’s more than drug dealers are earning from selling crack.

The police chief thinks that rise in iPhone theft can be related to the number of drops in drug arrests. The Activator Lock of iOS 7 may be good news for those looking to bring down the iPhone crime, but the criminals are adapting as evident from the story.

Criminals are also working in teams. San Francisco police informs they have seen the rise in teams that steal iPhones from bus passengers and those in restaurants. In one case, a woman swiped away the phone from a man eating Taco ball. When the victim ran after the thief, two compatriots blocked his way. The police later captured the thief.

Here is another theft that was gone bad as a teenager was caught by the security camera trying to steal an iPhone from an AT&T outlet in Downtown Washington, DC.

What have you take away from all the story and video? Don’t take your iPhone out for conversion in public. Even if you do, pay attention that that is standing beside you. Apart from annoying the people with your boring chatter, you also make yourself vulnerable to being a victim.

You can also make the phone harder to steal. You can go for a case that comes with a chain.

What do you do to protect your iPhone in public? Feel free to leave your comments.


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