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Some Galaxy Note 3 units experiencing random boot loop issues


Some Galaxy Note 3 units experiencing random boot loop issues


Samsung’s woes with the Note 3 continue to grow with every passing day. If the region locking fiasco was not enough, Galaxy Note 3 owners on XDA forums are reporting that their device randomly enters a boot loop. 

This boot loop can then be only solved by manually pulling out the battery from the device. There is no fix available for this problem right now, and even factory reseting the device is not going to help. There is no specified way of putting the device into a boot loop and seems to happen randomly for Note 3 owners.

However, there is one solution that seems to have worked for many Note 3 owners as posted by XDA member ketani73 -:

“I may have stumbled upon a workaround for the continuous boot problem. It seems that if you turn-off ‘Always allow scanning’ in the advanced Wi-fi settings then the problem will not occur. Your mileage may vary.

Follow these steps:

1. If your Galaxy Note 3 is in a continuous boot cycle or suffers from it then remove the back cover and remove the battery. Leave the back cover off.
2. Remove the SD card.
3. Insert the battery and boot. Wait for the device to fully boot.
4. Go to Menu -> System Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Menu -> Advanced
5. Uncheck ‘Always allow scanning’
6. Use back key until you’re home.
7. Turn off the device.
8. Insert the SD card.
9. Attach the back cover.
10. Turn the device on.

To confirm, I tried booting the device three times with the ‘Always allow scanning’ Wi-Fi setting checked and it ended up in a continuous boot cycle. With the ‘Always allow scanning’ Wi-Fi setting unchecked the device boots fine every time.”

Until Samsung acknowledges the issue and rolls out a software update to fix it, the above solution is going to be your best bet.

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