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Sodium: Quickly Remix Your Wallpaper With Tons Of Custom Effects


Sodium: Quickly Remix Your Wallpaper With Tons Of Custom Effects

Choosing a beautiful wallpaper for your iPhone is a little difficult and someone like me I always like to change my wallpaper every week as keeping the same wallpaper for months make me feel bored.That usually makes for a boring background in dire need of a little seasoning — you can probably tell where I’m going with this.

Today I'll be very happy to introduce for you Sodium a new recently released jailbreak tweak that seeks to add some flavor to your iPhone’s wallpaper. It does so by means of a variety of custom fill colors, blend modes, and more. Have a look inside at our video walkthrough to get a taste of what sodium offers.
After installing the tweak on your iPhone, go to the tweak settings preference where you will find a lot of options and the kill switch and more...

The tweak supports a lot of effects like alpha, fill colors, blend modes, and intensity, along with toggles for grayscale and negative. As you might imagine, the tweak is highly customizable, and there are literally thousands of combinations that you can come up with to customize your wallpaper.

Unfortunately, much of the fun is snuffed out of the tweak, because it requires a respring each time in order to see the changes that you establish. This makes it very difficult to quickly modify the effects and check the results of your modification.

Head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where Sodium can be downloaded for $0.99 if interested. Please be sure to leave a comment below in order to share your thoughts on the tweak.

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