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Snag The Popular Clear To-Do App FREE For The Next 24 Hours


Snag The Popular Clear To-Do App FREE For The Next 24 Hours

For the next 24 hours you can snag Clear, the popular productivity app from Realmac, free! For those of you who haven’t heard of Clear before it is one of the best to-do apps available and is an app I use daily.


So why is Realmac making the app free for 24 hours? Well according to an open letter written a few days back:

As many of you know, late last year we released a new version of Clear. This new version called Clear+ was built for iOS 7, and a universal app for iPhone and iPad. It was also a new app, in effect a paid upgrade for our customers. Believing that this new app was the best thing for our customers – after all, a universal app was our biggest feature request – we removed the original version of Clear from the store. Shortly after the launch, it became obvious we’d made a huge mistake.

Our existing customers were understandably upset that we were no longer updating the old version of Clear, and that we wanted to charge them for an update. So after much deliberation we changed our plan: we updated the old version of Clear for iOS 7 and put it back on the store. Our sole aim was, and remains, wanting to do the right thing for users.

Since then we’ve heard from customers that they are excited to pick up Clear but uncertain which version to buy – or even worse, users mistakenly buying the iPhone version when they want the universal version.

So in short it is to make amends and avoid confusion over the Clear+ situation. Technically the reason for making it free is so that users who paid for Clear+ can move to Clear without spending any more money. But this means anyone can obviously download the app for free.

It’s also worth noting that if you purchased the original version of Clear then you can download an update which includes iPad support. This 24 hour free promotion will be run again to ensure most Clear+ users can move over to Clear for free.

You can download Clear from the App Store by clicking here.

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