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Slide2Kill: Kill Apps In A Single Swipe


Slide2Kill: Kill Apps In A Single Swipe

Don't you hate the idea when you have to tap on each app you have opened in order to kill it ? I know that making this step will take a lot of time from you, I know that you are getting tired from this and looking for another easy way to use.. So today let me introduce for you a new recently released jailbreak tweak called Slide2Kill and as the name suggests, the tweak allows you to quickly kill all apps in the App Switcher with a single swipe...

Slide2kill jailbreak tweak developed by Suu, The new, aptly named jailbreaktweak allows you to remove apps from your app switcher by either swiping down on them, swiping up on them, or performing a long press hold.

After installing the tweak on your device go to the tweak's settings menu where you can configure its functions and enable/disable  toggle, sliders for swipe sensitivity (both up and down), and menus to set Slide Up, Slide Down and Long Press actions.
Each menu gives you two options to choose from: Kill all or Kill single. So for instance, I have my Slide Up action set to ‘Kill all,’ and my Slide Down action set to ‘Kill single.’ I actually really like this setup, it’s very intuitive.
My only problem with Slide2Kill is that it feels like a beta version. Animations are slow at times, and there’s been a few occasions where the entire tweak just quit responding to my gestures. I had to respring my iPhone to fix it.
I am very sure you are going to love the tweak, so in case you are interested you can download the tweak from Cydia store for free via BigBOss repo.. So what do you think about Slide2Kill jailbreak tweak ?


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