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Simplify Co-Parenting With The Parental Control App For Android!


Simplify Co-Parenting With The Parental Control App For Android!

Today, more than half of the teens have divorced parents in the U.S. According to, “children of broken families are nearly five times more likely to suffer damaging mental troubles, than those whose parents stay together”. Divorce is always very tough for children, despite their age, but the teen years put forward special challenges. Teenage years are already a time of mayhem. The average teenager is trying to deal with body changes, acne, peer pressures, cyber life, school work and attraction to the opposite sex. Step into their shoes and add the break-up of their family to this mix and you can feel their world crumbling.


Teens go through a lot of emotional instabilities during their parents’ divorce; this may even have long term effects on their mind and body. Children of broken family are more likely to experience child abuse, psychological disorders, drug abuse, early age sexual intercourses and many others. Even if you’re divorced or separated, it doesn’t mean that your child should suffer. Parents who’re not living together anymore need to be there for their children for a proper, healthy growth. To ensure that your child is safe from all these issues and gets both your attention and love, use parental control app for Android to make co-parenting easy and effective.

An infographic from in shows that 2 out of 5 children experience divorce by before the age of 18.

According to this infographic:

  • Almost 25% of all children will spend time in a stepfamily.
  • There are about 1,250,000 divorces per year in the US.
  • 1 million children under the age of 18 are involved in a divorce per year.
  • Short term effects of divorce include anger, sadness, depression, interpersonal conflict, economic hardship, life stress and less parental supervision.
  • Long term effects are the persistence of anger at the parent who initiated the divorce, the intensity of the longing for the absent parent and younger children insist on going back with both their parents.

Simplify co-parenting with parental apps

Being a co-parent can be really tough; your children are mad at you for the divorce, they have problems adjusting to the new set up, they constantly miss you and want you there, you are worried about their well-being and activities and so much more. But luckily co-parenting can now be made easy with the help of digital parenting apps.

While the parental control app for Android helps parents in a lot of aspects, apps like FamilyTime parental control for android also help you in being a better co-parent.


You might be thinking how these apps can help you be a good co-parent? Well, here’s how; with FamilyTime you can:

  • Help your children through the issues of divorce and contribute to your share by always being there for them.
  • Even if you are not living with them, be updated on their whereabouts.
  • Geo-fence any address and receive alerts every time they visit the place.
  • Coordinate with the co-parent about important events like your teens’ parent-teacher meetings, birthdays and appointments.
  • Keep an eye on their online activities and who they are friends with.
  • Receive PickMeUp and SOS alerts along with their location

And the list of its features goes on. To explore all these features and bundle of others, give this app a try for free. To get the trial version with premium features for complete 3 days, visit Google Play Store on your phone.

Be there for your child in this tough time!

Divorce for parents may seem to be the only option left, but for children it often results in emotional damage that they will carry for the rest of their life. Look at it from your children’s point of view and you will see that for them, their family is ripping apart; it is the loss of stability and often a complete shock. While we often tend to expect teens to act flexibly and understand, but they are going through such shock, that it is a lot to ask of our children.

Parents need to be by their side at this time, explain to them why this is happening and how they can get through this tough time together. Being a co-parent, assure them that you are not going anywhere and will always be there for them and here the parental control app for Android can help you for sure. Stay strong and love your children unconditionally!


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