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Samsung’s new NAND chips go 3D


Samsung’s new NAND chips go 3D

Samsung has just announced that they’ve begun mass producing three dimensional NAND. What does that mean? NAND is the technical term for the chips inside your phone that store data. These NAND chips, until now, have been built using transistors that are put on a planar surface. What Samsung did was flip these transistors on their side, thereby letting them put more transistors in a given area. Samsung says these new chips are twice as fast as previous chips and more reliable too.

But OK, enough techno-mumbo-jumbo, what will these chips enable? One of these 3D NAND chips will be able to store 16 gigabytes of data. Just one. So soon you’ll start seeing 16 GB of storage become the new low-end, whereas today it can be as low as 4 GB. Also, expect to see flagship phones start shipping with 32 GB of storage at a minimum. Hell, you might even see 128 GB smartphones on store shelves within the next six months.


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