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Samsung unveils the Galaxy Note 3 with a leather back!


Samsung unveils the Galaxy Note 3 with a leather back!


As widely expected, Samsung has unveiled the successor to the massively popular Note 2 – the Galaxy Note 3 – at an Unpacked event in IFA, Berlin. The Note 3 is a true beast in every sense, right from its 5.64-inch display to its internals.  to its design

If you thought that the Galaxy S4 was a marvel of engineering with ridiculously less bezel space, be ready to be surprised with the Note 3. The phablet manages to retain the same size as its predecessor, the Note 2, and yet accommodates a better and bigger screen (5.64-inches vs. 5.5-inches). This is largely due to the bezel space being greatly reduced, with the side bezels being reduced to only 2.2mm. The Super-AMOLED panel has a 1080p resolution, and the same RGB sub-pixels arrangement as seen on the Galaxy S4.

While from the front, the Note 3 looks somewhat similar to a stretched Galaxy S4 with a bigger screen and the same hardware layout buttons, it is very different from the back. For the first time, Samsung has done away with the flimsy plastic back cover, and replaced it with a leather textured back cover.


Internally, the Note 3 is like any other flagship phone that has been released in the second half of 2013, and is packed to the cores. Samsung has also fitted the Note 3 with an advanced LTE modem that supports multiple LTE bands. This means that there is going to be a single US variant of the Galaxy Note 3 for all operators. The full spec sheet of the Note 3 includes a Snapdragon S800 SoC in LTE markets, Exynos 5250 SoC in other regions, 3GB of RAM, 32/64Gb of storage space, 13MP camera with a CRI LED flash, Ultra HD video recording on selected variants and 1080p Full HD video recording at 60FPS on all variants, Ultra HD Audio quality with playback at 24-bit at 192kHz, enhanced S-Pen and all the usual other connectivity features.

On the software front, Samsung has added many new features to the Note 3 including Air Commands. The new feature works in conjunction with the S-Pen, and allows users to automatically perform actions quickly via a small circle, when they push the button on the S-Pen. This includes jotting down quick notes, opening the scrap book, performing a search and more.

Samsung has also improved its multi-window multi-tasking feature allowing users to have instances of the same app. For example, users can simultaneously chat with two ChatOn (don’t ask me who uses it) multi-windows at the same time.

The Galaxy Note 3 will be available in more than 149 countries worldwide from September 25th this year.


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