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Samsung To Release Tizen Based Smartphone By End of 2014


Samsung To Release Tizen Based Smartphone By End of 2014

News James Peckham 16:11, 16 Apr 2014

Samsung has confirmed it is working on a Tizen based smartphone and Android Wear smartwatch

Tizen is the name of the game with Samsung’s new wearable devices but now we have confirmation from a Samsung representative, revealing the company is working on a Tizen based smartphone.

Samsung aims to release it before the end of the year alongside an Android Wear based smartwatch device. The news comes from senior vice president of product strategy at Samsung, Yoon Han-kil, who revealed the information in an interview with Reuters.

He said Samsung is working on at least two smartphones running the Tizen operating system. The first to be released is a high-end model, which will hit shelves around the end of the second quarter of 2014. That means it should be with us by the end of June this year.

Samsung want to keep Android as the main platform for its smartphones. It aims to have 15% of its handsets running on Tizen but the rest it plans to keep on Google's Android platform.

Tizen debuted with the Gear 2 smartwatch after some tough in-house development at Samsung. Smartwatches will continue to be a big development area for Samsung in 2014 as it aims to release one using the Android Wear platform later this year.

Android Wear is Google’s very own Android-based smartwatch operating system. Yoon also revealed in the same interview that Samsung aims to let its smartwatch range work on a large number of Android devices in the near future.

Currently the Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit smartwatches are all locked to only work with Samsung devices.


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