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Samsung teasing a new Exynos focused on audio features, but what are they planning?


Samsung teasing a new Exynos focused on audio features, but what are they planning?

Qualcomm’s Snapdragons get all the attention, but Samsung knows a thing or two about making chips for smartphones. Unfortunately, they haven’t been able to successfully put their Exynos chips inside devices that sell in big markets like the United States or Europe. Sure, there are a few Exynos octa-core powered Galaxy S4 units floating around South Korea and several small Eastern European countries, but they don’t really count.

Which brings me to today’s “news”, if you even want to call it that. Samsung has uploaded two photos to their @SamsungExynos account. One features a guy standing in front of a microphone, another features a guitar being played. Both images have captions that offer absolutely no clue as to what Samsung is planning.

So with all that in mind, I’d like to take a few guesses. First, I think Samsung is going to announce that they’ve baked Wolfson audio technology into a new processor. For those who don’t remember, Samsung signed a deal with Wolfson back in April of this year. What exactly would a Samsung chip with a Wolfson be able to do? Output insanely high quality audio.

Second, Samsung could have very well developed their own microphone technology that enables you to record videos with “studio quality” sound. And it isn’t enough to just stick really good microphones inside a phone or tablet, you need the chip in there too to do the heavy lifting.

Do you have a better sounding (no pun intended) theory? I’m kind of stumped here.


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