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Samsung realizes what everyone already knows: No one wants a 10″ Android tablet


Samsung realizes what everyone already knows: No one wants a 10″ Android tablet

When the iPad first came out, competitors made perfect photo copies of the device. Same specs, same size, same price. And guess what happened? No one bought the Android tablets, everyone bought the iPad. Companies then figured out if they can’t compete on price, they should compete on size, and thus 7″ tablets were born. Apple only recently entered the mini tablet game, but that’s another story.

With the fifth generation full-size iPad just a month or two away, have consumers changed their minds about 10″ Android tablets? The answer, unsurprisingly, is no. And according to DigiTimes, Samsung has finally figured this out. The Taiwanese supply chain rumor website says:

“Samsung Electronics has reduced orders for components used in 10.1-inch tablets, according to Taiwan-based supply chain makers, because 10.1-inch tablet sales have been far below expectations due to strong competition from 7-inch models.”

You could have and should have written that exact same sentence 18 months ago.

But Stefan, you’re probably screaming right now, what about those rumors about a 12.2 inch Samsung tablet? Sigh, that rumor is indeed true and we’ll see that behemoth at the company’s press conference next week. At least I think we will. Chances are it’s going to cost even more than a base 9.7 inch iPad, to which I say good luck selling that.


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