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Samsung Pokes Fun At Apple In New Galaxy S4 Ad [VIDEO]


Samsung Pokes Fun At Apple In New Galaxy S4 Ad [VIDEO]

Whenever there’s a new Samsung Galaxy smartphone, there’s always a TV ad that bashes the iPhone so the new Galaxy can look better. For the new Galaxy S4, which was launched recently, Samsung has posted a new TV ad that shows the viewers how old the iPhone and its features are.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a beast of a device, literally. It has a huge 5-inch 1080p screen, an 8 core processor and a lot of new Air features. The phone is fast as well, very fast indeed, but the build quality isn’t that great. Samsung has always compromised on build quality and has been using plastic when everyone else has made the jump to aluminium. A recent drop test showed how easily the Galaxy S4 could be damaged.


Some of the new Air features have been shown off in this new ad, such as the ability to answer calls by simply waving at your phone. There’s also the Air View, which lets you read notifications or peek into a gallery without having to touch the screen. The very first reviews of the Galaxy S4 suggest that most of the cool Air features are not something that you would use everyday though.

Also shown is the camera, IR sensor that can act as a TV remote and NFC sharing. The iPhone users are portrayed as old parents who towards the end believe that the Galaxy S4 is indeed better than their 7 year old devices. See for yourself:

Samsung has been using the bash-Apple tactic for quite some time now and it has been working well for them. The ad is funny, but Samsung has to stop bullying Apple because statistics still prove that the iPhone is a more reliable and better smartphone. What do you make of this new ad? Have you purchased the new Galaxy S4?

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