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Samsung Launches New Gold Galaxy S4


Samsung Launches New Gold Galaxy S4

Well it looks like not only Apple is offering its new iPhone 5s in a real gold color, but it also Samsung ! Today Samsung has just launched new Samsung Galaxy S4 in gold color, so we can say Samsung is somewhat following Apple footsteps in colors/design and everything...

The South Korean conglomerate is now offering the Galaxy S4 in two gold colorways: Gold Pink and Gold Brown. It’s unclear whether Samsung will sell these new handset variants internationally as it shared these shots on its Middle East Twitter channel and Facebook page.

Here's another look for the two colors beside each others: 
Strange they aren’t showing off the device’s gold plated backside, no?

Just for the record: Samsung has done gold devices a few times before, just as Apple’s been building colorful mobile devices for quite a few years and dating way back to the colorful iPods and the original iMac.

So what do you think about a golden Galaxy S4 ? Sounds bad, isn't it ?

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