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Rumor: Samsung Watch coming September 4th


Rumor: Samsung Watch coming September 4th

A news report out of Korea says that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy Note III in Berlin on September 4th in Berlin. That’s something the entire internet already knows. What’s new and interesting is this little snippet of text: “watch type of smart devices will also be released.” Pardon the translation, it’s Google’s fault, but the point is still valid: In one month and two days, Samsung will cast the first stone in the smart watch arena.

What kind of things will Samsung’s watch do? I can’t remember tell you where I heard this, but supposedly it’ll have a camera. Other than that, I haven’t got the slightest clue. Will it run Android? How big will the screen be? What’s the battery life like? Will it work with all Android phones or just Galaxy phones? How much will it cost?

But the most important question, for me at least, is when will we see Apple’s watch? That’s going to be the product that everyone tries to imitate, for better or worse.


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