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Rise Alarm Clock Goes Free As App Store’s App of The Week


Rise Alarm Clock Goes Free As App Store’s App of The Week

Folks unhappy with Apple’s stock alarm clock feature may want to check out the beautiful Rise Alarm Clock app by Kellen Styler. Not only is it one of the best-looking third-party alarm clock apps out there, but it’s also free for a limited time.
Let’s face it, alarm clocks are a dime nickel a dozen, so it’s ironic to see one hit the top spot on the App Store. The app evokes another big buzz app, Clear: it’s well-designed, looks great, and works with simple swipes and taps; what’s not to love?

Apple has named Rise its App of the Week, something it does every week for paid apps it believes deserve to be featured in front of millions of eyeballs. And after downloading the app for myself, it’s not surprising that they picked this one…

Here are some of Rise’s more notable features:
- Snooze or turn off the alarm from the lock screen with a shake (iPhone only).
- Beautiful large clock styles: Night mode / Skyscape / Transparent (Live camera).
- Wake up to one of the beautiful custom Rise melodies or your favorite song from iTunes. 
- Make a playlist from iTunes to help you fall asleep, or listen to other audio in the background. 
- Set a timer for your Sleep Tunes playlist so it doesn’t run all night.
It’s worth noting that Rise also works with iOS’ “Do Not Disturb” feature, as well as the silence switch (with app in foreground and/or auto-locked) of most devices. The app also has a ‘large clock’ portrait and landscape mode for docked devices.
When your device is plugged in, there’s a large clock mode with various styles, including Night mode, Skyscape, or Transparent, which uses your camera to show what’s directly behind your device. You can wake up to a song from your own iTunes library, or use one of the custom alarm “melodies,” like Grandma’s Clock, Gentle Chimes, Babbling Brook, Rise and Shine, and Traveling Winds, among many others.

You can even make a playlist right in the app to help you fall asleep, complete with a timer to make sure you’re not playing music all night long. Rise will even work with Do Not Disturb, the mute switch enabled, and with your iPhone locked.

And thanks to Apple, it won’t cost you anything to try it out. If you’re interested, you can find Rise Alarm Clock in the App Store, for both the iPhone and the iPad, for free (normally $1.99).


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