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Revamp your Tired Blog with These Clever Tips


Revamp your Tired Blog with These Clever Tips

Any blogger will tell you that starting a blog from the beginning is a massive task that takes time and effort to make a success. You have to gain readers, get yourself noticed in the blogging community, and then maintain that with regular posts that are interesting and informative.

However, sometimes the last part can become difficult. It could be that you no longer have the time, or the will, to devote to it anymore. Perhaps you no longer feel the same way about the niche as you did in the beginning.

There is hope if you want to revamp your blog and get back into the swing of things. It will take time and a lot of work just like in the beginning, but these tips could help.

Change the Content

If you have become bored with the niche you are writing about, then try changing it to something else that interests you. It doesn’t have to be a permanent change, you can always return to the other niche later, but it will give you the motivation to get back into blogging.

You might even gain a new set of followers that are interested in your new style. There is nothing wrong with writing both topics at the same time.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is a good way to keep your blog going while taking a break. You can then post as and when you feel able to do so, while your readers will still get good content.

You can also guest post on other people’s blogs that interest you. It gives you the freedom to write about other things and keeps you fresh to write content for your blog.

Design Change

Revamping your blog doesn’t have to be just about content, you can also change the design of your site to give it a fresh new feel. You can find a graphic designer to draw up some new banners for you to use, or if you are feeling artistic, you can use free software such as Adobe Spark. With Spark, you can choose one of the many design options such as banner maker and then use the templates to build your cool new design.

Tell Everyone

You will no doubt have some social media accounts that you use to promote your blog. You can use them to announce a new and improved blog or that you are back and have new and exciting content.

The more people know about the revamp, the more readers you will get back. Many may have missed you and will be keen to return. Others may need a little more coaxing, but this can be a good thing. Sometimes when you have achieved a good blog with a strong following, you can lose interest and momentum. Trying to get it back again may be the catalyst you need to start again.

With these tips, you can soon start blogging again and getting those readers back to your site.


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