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Restore Your Device Without Losing Jailbreak Using SemiRestore [Video]


Restore Your Device Without Losing Jailbreak Using SemiRestore [Video]

From a few days we reported to you about an upcoming app which allows you to restore your device without losing your jailbreak from the current version firmware called SemiRestore. And today I specifically made this post to prove you that SemiRestore truly works.

In case you've been living under a rock for awhile, SemiRestore is a new app said to restore your device without necessitating the need to upgrade your iOS device’s firmware. This is extremely appealing for a number of reasons, but the biggest reason of them all is that it would allow you to restore your device without losing your precious jailbreak.

As you know, Apple stopped signing iOS 6.1.2 after iOS 6.1.3 was released. iOS 6.1.2 was the last firmware susceptible to the evasi0n jailbreak, so it’s a precious firmware in the eyes of those who like to tinker with their phones. From Apple’s standpoint, it’s obvious why they opted to fix the exploits used to make evasi0n function. Apple owes it to its users to ensure that iOS is the most secure platform that it can be. Nonetheless, that doesn’t make the jailbreak community any less disappointed at the loss of an untethered jailbreak

And that's what the guys at SemiRestore have been trying to do.. Check out this video: 

NOTE: SemiRestore app isn't available yet but we've tested it on our devices and we can tell you that it is working great...

Step 1: Download SemiRestore (once released) to your downloads folder
Step 2: Install OpenSSH and APT 0.7 strict from Cydia
Step 3: Open Terminal
Step 4: cd to your downloads folder
Step 5: Run the following command to transfer SemiRestore to your device:
scp SemiRestore-beta5 root@
Note: you will need to replace ‘SemiRestore-beta5′ with the final file name of the SemiRestore package. You will also need to change the IP address to the Wi-Fi IP address of your device. The password is alpine, unless you’ve changed it.
Step 6: SSH into your device using the following command
ssh root@
Step 7: Navigate to the /var/root directory on your device. There you should see the SemiRestore file. You may perform a ‘ls’ command to list the contents of a given directory
Step 8: Secure the SemiRestore file using the following command:
chmod +x SemiRestore-beta5
Step 9: Run the following command:
Step 10: You should now see a bunch of prompts on your terminal window, it should look something like this:
STEP 11: You will be prompted to type a ’0′ followed by Enter. Do this, and the SemiRestore will officially begin.

SemiRestore is a legitimate way to gain back some of the stock form on your jailbroken iOS device. No, it’s not a true restore, but there’s nothing that will get you closer to stock than this. Yes, there is always some risk when you go poking around your iOS device, but in the times I used SemiRestore, it worked pretty much flawlessly. I wouldn’t go around restoring my device every time I felt it was slowing down, but this is a great tool for those in dire need of a restore, but don’t want to be forced to upgrade their firmware and lose out on a precious jailbreak. Again, there is no current ETA, but there are evasi0n inspired progress bars available on, the official website for SemiRestore. Special thanks to@coolstarorg, the developer of SemiRestore for hooking us up with an early beta copy.

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