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Reminder: The Galaxy Note 3 comes out today


Reminder: The Galaxy Note 3 comes out today

When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 3 at IFA in Berlin earlier this month, they did something that usually only Apple does: They announced when it was going to come out. That day is today, September 25th. According to Android Central, people living in the UK can already walk into Samsung’s flagship and buy the Note 3 for 649 British pounds. That comes out to an astounding $1045. Now the UK isn’t the only country where the Note 3 is out, there are over 140 other nations where you’ll be able to buy Samsung’s phablet today. What does that money get you?

Let’s start with the screen. It’s 5.7 inches on the diagonal, uses AMOLED technology, and outputs 1080p. Despite being 0.2 inches larger than the Note II, the Note 3 as a whole is actually smaller than the original thanks to minuscule bezels.

Under the hood there’s a Snapdragon 800, which absolutely spanks the quad core Exynos in the Note II, along with 3 GB of RAM; one gigabyte more than the previous generation. The camera’s also been bumped up from 8 megapixels to 13 megapixels, and the battery has been slightly improved to 3200 mAh compared to 3100 mAh.

Should you buy the Note 3? I confess, there’s an open Amazon tab on my desktop right now that’s screaming for my credit card details, but I’m trying hard to hold back until the first reviews come out.

Update: Oh and one more thing, the Note 3 starts at 32 GB of internal storage!


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