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Red HTC One comes to the USA via Sprint


Red HTC One comes to the USA via Sprint

HTC’s 2013 flagship phone, the One, initially shipped in just one color: silver. A few weeks later, the black model started shipping in some countries. Now, nearly half a year after its launch, the red model is out. It’s already on sale in Asia and Europe, but today’s news is that it’s available on Sprint. It’ll cost $200 with a two year contract, and from now until August 30th, if you buy one, you can get another one for free for either someone in your family or a friend.

Should you buy this phone?

Let’s get one thing out the way: Sprint sucks. They’re the butt of every joke that American journalists make. Their network is so saturated that one megabit down is considered broadband. Will this improve? With time, maybe, but right now signing up with Sprint is something I simply can’t recommend.

But say you still want the red HTC One, how do you get one? Import it from someone like Negri Electronics. Pop a SIM card in there from either T-Mobile or AT&T and you’re golden.

Would I personally buy the One?

No. It’s going to be old news in less than a month, that and I don’t like Sense UI and I have qualms with HTC treats their devices. These days, it seems like the company only issues software updates for a year to a year and a half, after that you’re on your own. Not a huge fan of that attitude.


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