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Rapper E-40 Rocks A Jailbroken iPhone [VIDEO]


Rapper E-40 Rocks A Jailbroken iPhone [VIDEO]

Rapper Earl Stevens, otherwise known by his stage name of E-40, has recently released a new music video for his song “All My Niggas” featuring Danny Brown & Schoolboy Q.


So why is iJailbreak talking about the rap scene?

Well in E-40′s music video it is mentioned that he has a Jailbroken iPhone! Don’t believe me? Play the music video below and when you get to 0:51 you will indeed hear the lyrics include “my iPhone is Jailbroke.” FYI this video isn’t work safe due to its language.

Although the music might not be your taste, I thought it was pretty cool nonetheless. Now E-40 joins the ranks of other celebrities with Jailbroken devices like Justin Bieber.

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