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Project Natal Likely To Be Purchased By Most Xbox 360 Owners


Project Natal Likely To Be Purchased By Most Xbox 360 Owners

project-natal-xbox-360-4[1] More than half of Xbox 360 owners say they are likely to purchase Microsoft’s Project Natal motion camera this fall, according to a recent marketing study conducted by consumer research firm OTX.
The study, which screened 1,500 people (weighted towards ages 14-34) who play video games for more than 1 hour a week, said 56 percent of the respondents are "likely" to purchase the peripheral, with 18 percent of those saying they are "extremely likely."
The study also noted that first-person shooters ranked the highest in genres players were most interested in using Project Natal with. Fighting, Action-Adventure, Role-Playing, and Racing games rounded out the top five.
Other genres, such as Fitness and Strategy, did not make the list.

It appears price will be the biggest factor on whether or not Project Natal has a successful launch this coming holiday.
A whopping 59 percent of respondents said "a low price" was the top influence for purchasing Natal. "Having the games I like to play" and "the ability to demo Natal at a retail location" were the second and third highest factors of consideration.
"Having AAA titles at launch" was not a major determining factor.

In terms of product awareness, 44 percent say they are aware of the Project Natal, but 20 percent of those say they know little about the motion camera.
Microsoft plans to unveil Project Natal at this year’s E3 next month. IGN will be there giving you complete coverage, so be sure to check out our E3 2010 destination page on June 15.


SOURCE – Jim Reilly, IGN


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