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Pod2G Offers His Opinion On How Apple Could Make iOS More “Open”


Pod2G Offers His Opinion On How Apple Could Make iOS More “Open”

One notable thing that came out of Tim Cook’s interview at D11 was the fact that he stated Apple would be opening iOS up more to developers in future firmware generations. Obviously this statement made by Cook brings up a lot of questions on just how far Apple plans extended iOS APIs.


Pod2G has offered one route that Apple could lean towards today and that is for the fruit company to release one firmware that would be more-or-less the same as it is now and another that allows for unsigned code. This would sort of be like how some Android phone manufactures actually give the public tools to root theirs devices if they wish to do so.

Unfortunately the chances of this actually happening would be very slim. Although Apple may start opening iOS up, allowing developers to hook into Siri and maybe develop their own Notification Center widgets, Apple as a whole is a company that stands for quality and good user experience. Providing a “hackable” firmware, just doesn’t seem like it would fit very well into the company’s standards.

Pod2G’s biggest argument for the possibility of this happening is that OS X allows for unsigned applications and both have official App Stores. Although this may be true, OS X and iOS are two very different operating systems catering to a very different group of people.

Pod2G certainly has a good idea, but that is all that it will likely remain. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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